Mission Statement

Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Kingdom of God

Our mission is to boldly declare, effectively communicate, and tangibly demonstrate the purpose, power, precepts, and principles of the Kingdom of God to every nation. We are passionate about leading a cultural restoration of mankind back to God’s dominion-leadership mandate. Through our words, actions, and lifestyle, we seek to reveal the transformative truth of the Gospel and empower individuals to embrace their God-given identity and fulfill their divine purpose.

Vision Statement

Transforming Lives through Revelation and Relationship

Our vision is to create a dynamic and spirit-filled environment where people can experience authentic growth and transformation. We believe that true growth comes not only from building meaningful relationships with one another but, most importantly, from cultivating a deep and intimate relationship with God. Through the revelation and relationship with God, we envision His children stepping into the fullness of their God-given identity, purpose, and destiny.

Mailing Address

Greater Dimensions Apostolic Prophetic Covenant Fellowship
Paducah, KY 42001


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