Apostle Ruben L. Broadnax (Intl. Presiding Prelate)
Greater Dimensions Apostolic Prophetic Fellowship

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Chief Apostle Dr. Ruben L. Broadnax is a renowned visionary and servant of the “Most High King.” With an unwavering dedication to his calling, he has established himself as the Founder and Apostolic Leader of the Greater Dimensions Apostolic Prophetic Covenant Fellowship (GDAPCF). Apostle Broadnax’s life is centered on sharing the transformative power of the Gospel and empowering others to fulfill their God-given potential.

From a young age, Apostle Broadnax’s heart was captivated by the message of salvation. He experienced the life-changing power of faith and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Guided by a deep sense of purpose, he began his journey as a preacher of the Gospel, committed to spreading God’s Word and leading others to a relationship with Christ.

With over 40 years of experience in ministry, Apostle Broadnax is driven by the desire to establish a fellowship that embraces the Apostolic and Prophetic callings. His vision extends beyond boundaries and denominations, encompassing believers from all walks of life. Through GDAPCF, he strives to equip individuals to embrace their divine identity, purpose, and destiny, enabling them to make a significant impact in the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Dr. Ruben Broadnax is a firm believer in the power of love, unity, and excellence. He fosters a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation, recognizing that greatness is achieved when individuals come together for a common cause. Through teachings rooted in the Word of God, he encourages others to embrace their God-given potential, continuously striving for growth and improvement.

Apostle Broadnax’s guiding principle is to add value to others. He believes that every person has inherent greatness within them, waiting to be unlocked. His passion is to help individuals discover their unique gifts and talents, empowering them to make a positive impact on the lives of others. He lives by the mantra of continuous growth and inspires others to never settle for mediocrity but to pursue excellence in all endeavors.

Chief Apostle Dr. Ruben L. Broadnax is an inspiring leader, passionate preacher, and dedicated servant. His life’s mission is to impact lives, restore purpose, and ignite the fire of greatness within individuals. Through GDAPCF, he creates a covenant fellowship where people are equipped to walk in their God-given identity, fulfill their divine purpose, and make a lasting difference in the world.

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